Compare Cost of Dental Insurance and Dental Savings Plans

Comparing Cost and Waiting Periods for Dental Insurance Plans and Dental Discount Plans

Compare the Cost of Dental Insurance & Dental Discount Plans

The cost of dental insurance varies depending on whether you are looking to purchase an individual plan or a family plan, the level of coverage you are seeking, your geographical location, and your age, among other factors. Dental insurance individual plans typically cost around $350.00 a year, with family plans costing around $550.00 a year. On the other hand, dental discount plans are generally priced around half of that amount. Dental discount plans can give you the security of dental protection without the cost. United Dental Solutions has affordable dental discount plans that utilize the Aetna Dental Access network and DenteMax network.

Compare Waiting Periods for Dental Insurance Plans and Dental Discount Plans

Most dental insurance plans have waiting periods of up to one year starting from the time you first join the plan—and in some cases even longer. Waiting periods for dental insurance plans will vary. Many of these plans will not cover certain dental procedures during this period. This means that if you have a dental procedure that is not covered during this waiting period, you are responsible for the full cost.

Typically, dental insurance waiting periods do not apply to routine care (preventative care) such as exams, cleanings, and x-rays. These services are typically available immediately upon joining your plan. However, basic dental procedures and major dental procedures are commonly not covered immediately. Additionally, most dental insurance plans impose a waiting period for pre-existing dental conditions. And some of them exclude pre-existing conditions altogether. A pre-existing dental condition consists of any oral health problem that was present at the time of enrollment in the insurance plan. Sadly, for many these exclusions and limitations completely defeat the purpose of obtaining coverage in the first place.

Dental discount plans are a wonderful alternative to insurance plans because they are not subject to such waiting periods, and they do not exclude pre-existing conditions. At United Dental Solutions, we offer dental discount plans that activate immediately with no waiting periods. Thus, our plans allow our members to save money on their dental needs immediately upon joining. Further, our plans include savings on emergency dental procedures, giving you valuable security and peace of mind knowing that you have protection should you require an unanticipated dental procedure. We have dentist available nationwide utilizing the Aetna Dental Access network and DenteMax network.