Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Comparing Cosmetic Dental Procedures for Dental Insurance Plans and Dental Discount Plans

A. Most Dental Insurance Plans do not Include Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Unlike dental savings plans, dental insurance plans normally do not include cosmetic dental procedures. Therefore, an individual with a dental insurance plan seeking cosmetic dentistry will incur the expenses associated with the cosmetic dental procedures received at the dentist office. Examples of cosmetic dental procedures may include dental procedures such as dental implants, dental bridges, tooth bleaching, dental veneers, dental bonding, and orthodontic treatment for adults.

Remember dental savings plans are not insurance. Therefore, dental savings plans will allow members to receive discounts on cosmetic dental procedures. Discounts on cosmetic dental procedures are available immediately. You can save 15% to 50% per dental visit. United Dental Solutions dental plans allow members access to discounts on cosmetic dental procedures by utilizing the Aetna Dental Access network and the DenteMax network.

B. Some Dental Insurance Plans Contain a Missing Tooth Clause

Some dental insurance plans contain a “missing tooth clause.” A missing tooth clause generally means that if the tooth was missing prior to the start date of your dental insurance plan, the treatment to replace the tooth will not be covered unless other teeth will be removed and replaced. When using a dental insurance plan, this missing tooth clause may result in the dental procedure being classified as a cosmetic dental procedure or pre-existing condition, and the individual will be responsible for the dental expenses incurred. Individuals in this situation are sometimes in need of dental care concerning a dental bridge or a dental implant. Even if a dental insurance plan were to include savings for a dental implant or a dental bridge, an individual would likely reach their maximum.

C. Comparing waiting Periods For Cosmetic Dental Procedures

United Dental Solutions dental plans are not dental insurance, therefore the dental savings plans that we offer allow individuals and families to join and receive dental savings on cosmetic dental procedures, even if there are teeth that are missing prior to joining. In addition, our dental savings plans allow our active members to get immediate discounts on cosmetic dental procedures that are performed by participating dentists. The member must show their active membership ID card to an in-network provider at the time dental services are rendered to receive the discounts.

Our dental savings plans allow individuals and families to use their discount cards for dental implants and/or dental bridges, with no pre-existing exclusions or maximums. Active members can use their discount cards as many times as they wish. And members can choose to use their dental savings plans for cosmetic dental procedures at a general dentist or a specialist. However, our dental savings plans do require members to obtain a referral to see a specialist. There are specialists available utilizing both the Aetna Dental Access network and the DenteMax network.

Keep in mind, dental savings plans do not offer savings on dental procedures performed prior to active membership. And dental savings plans will not provide active members with savings on procedures performed by out-of-network dentists.