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We Offer Nationwide Dental Plans

United Dental Solutions understands the importance of dental care. We are dedicated to helping you save on your dental needs. Here at United Dental Solutions we are familiar with the dental industry. Our staff consist of trained professionals that have over a decade of experience helping individuals, families, and groups.

With the expensive cost of dental care, you need professionals that are in the business of saving you money. You want a great plan and you also want great customer service. If you have a question- call us. Need help finding a dentist- call us. Can't call- simply send us an email. Need help finding a plan- that's what we are here for. Let United Dental Solutions be the solution to helping you find the dental protection that you deserve!

Dental Savings Plans

Dental discount plans are not insurance. They are an easy-to-use alternative to dental insurance for individuals, families, and groups. They are sometimes called dental savings plans. 

Save from 15% to 50%

With a dental discount plan, you can save on all dental procedures immediately from thousands of network board certified participating general dentists and dental specialists nationwide.

More than just Dentistry

Our dental plans can also include savings on prescriptions, vision, hearing care, chiropractic treatment, and other services. Join today and start saving money right away!

Most Procedures Included

Dental discount plans will include savings on all your dental procedures. Orthodontics, dental implants, bonding, and other cosmetic dental treatments are also included.